Meet Our Team

8 Team Members
  • H. Randolph Scott, III, D.D.S.

    H. Randolph Scott, III, D.D.S.


    With years of experience and expertise in endodontics, Dr. Randolph Scott is able to effectively treat his patients and restore their oral health.

  • Gregory Odierna, D.M.D.

    Gregory Odierna, D.M.D.


    Dr. Gregory Odierna has been offering excellent insight and care to our patients for many years, performing advanced endodontic treatments.

  • Brenda


    Front Desk

    Brenda is our front desk personnel who is dedicated to making your check-in process smooth and efficient while you wait for your appointment.

  • Eric Shapiro, D.D.S.

    Eric Shapiro, D.D.S.


    Dr. Eric Shapiro is one of our certified endodontists who is passionate about providing the best services in his field to all of his patients.

  • Joy


    Dental Assistant

    Joy is one of our dental assistants who always provides her patients with high quality, friendly care to help create a memorable experience.

  • Leigh


    Dental Assistant

    Leigh provides assistance to our dentists through her extensive procedure knowledge and warm, enthusiastic demeanor that is felt by all her patients.

  • Monica


    Dental Assistant

    Monica is a dedicated dental assistant who operates with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy, providing an exceptional treatment experience.

  • Roberta


    Dental Assistant

    Roberta will assist you during the treatment process, ensuring that you are comfortable and that you fully understand aftercare instructions.